Welcome to ergoDAO. An investment DAO for the Ergo ecosystem.

Seamlessly coordinating financial and human capital for the Ergo ecosystem.

Aiming to accelerate adoption of Ergo.

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What is

ergoDAO is an investment DAO, owned by the members (that's potentially you) focused on supporting and developing projects in the Ergo ecosystem.

ergoDAO will open up early stage investments to token owners.

ergoDAO will be member-managed and rely on a DApp and related smart contracts to facilitate investments into projects using digital assets.

ergoDAO token owners can contribute to the DAO by mentoring, developing tech, marketing, and many other roles.

ergoDAO collectively builds financial and human capital to work, to build, support, and realise leading edge Ergo ecosystem projects.

Successful ergoDAO investments aim grow the overall value of the DAO.


Why get involved?

Why get involved in ergoDAO

Ask yourself: shouldn't you have ownership in the things you're contributing meaningful value to? ergoDAO is a formalized decentralized structure established with this very need at it's centre.

Members vote together, invest together and build together. Decentralization and community is at the heart of ergoDAO. We feel this suitably reflects the core principles of Ergo.

The ergoDAO community will create value by finding, and supporting early stage Ergo projects. The treasury will be deployed to invest in these projects.

Early stage crypto venture investments are often closed, decentralized and only open to the privileged few. We believe this is wrong.

We believe you should be able to work on what you love and that's why, the DAO incentivises the efforts of individual DAO members for contributing.

Even better ergoDAO's collective member knowledge will support and grow the DAO's our investment choices in turn potentially growing the Ergo ecosystem as well as the value of assets the DAO invests in.



fully transparent

ergoDAO believes in transparency. No single person or entity has full control over ergoDAO. The aim is to eliminate uncertainty and increase participation and security because the ledger is shared by all members of the DAO.


decision making

ergoDAO has an even organizational structure with zero management control. Within ergoDAO, each token-holder has voting rights. No member has any additional privileges or rights other than others.

Your stake

your input

Your stake is intentional. You don't just get to vote on the decisions made - you also get to influence the decisions before they are made. Any member can introduce a proposal for vote.

Add value

work on what you love

ergoDAO offers any member of the DAO the opportunity to contribute to the invested projects. So you can now work on the exciting projects your are invested, in and earn a living paid too.

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a new structure for
supporting Ergo ecosystem
projects in 2022 and

In Web 2.0

Entrepreneurial teams try to build products to find community.

In Web 3.0

The community builds products together. Let's build some cool stuff together. Why shouldn't you have ownership in the things you're contributing meaningful value to?